2012 Trends in Handbags

Handbags have been become more popular and taken consumers, manufacturers and suppliers by storm. There are a variety of eclectic bags of all shapes and colors available on the market right now that will surely enthrall people taking design classes as well as the average shopper. Here is a guide to the 2012 trends in handbags:

  • Big Handbags Handbags almost always used to be quite small and you had to struggle fit everything into it. Now, many handbags are so big that you could even use them as overnight bags. Some of the large handbags conveniently come with matching smaller bags.  
  • Tiny Handbags Going to opposite side of the size spectrum, many handbags are not just small, but tiny. While these tiny bags might not be very practical, they look interesting and are nice to use for special occasions.  
  • Colors Traditionally speaking, blacks, browns and beiges were the only colors that were considered acceptable for handbags. That’s been thrown all out the window as handbags are now available in all colors of the rainbow. For spring, turquoise and green are been very popular. For fall, it’s the oranges and reds. For winter, whites and blues fit the bill.  
  • Knitted Bags Just as knitted shoes have become latest fashion trend in 2012, so too have knitted handbags. With all of the variety of knitted styles, you have to make sure that you choose suitable clothing to pair it with. 
  • Chain Handles After Chanel introduced chain handles to the fashion world, they have really grown in popularity. Part of their appeal lies in that they make handbags look even more luxurious than then they really are.   
  • Fold-Over Handbags Fold-over handbags have had some serious staying power. They have been popular for the past two seasons, and will continue to be trendy in 2012.
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