A Purse on the Floor is Money Out the Door!

I ran across this blog post today & of course just had to share it with you!! 😀

Feng Shui: “A Purse on the Floor is Money Out the Door”
It’s bad Feng Shui to put your purse on the floor … there’s an old Chinese proverb that states “a purse on the floor is money out the door.” Your money, checkbook and credit cards are usually in your purse and putting them on the floor shows disrespect for the order of things and disregard for your wealth and money. You wouldn’t think of putting your bag of gold on the floor, would you?

I think the problem is that purses have gotten so big-we even call them “bags” now, as in, may I get your bags, said by the bell boy. They are practically as big as an overnight suitcase. When purses were small, we could sit them on the table at restaurants and they looked really cute. Or, we could place them on our laps while we ate. But now that purses are so large, it’s a bit of a problem and a practical issue. They’re so heavy we don’t want to hang them from our shoulders all the time, but we also don’t want to rudely put our giant personal belongings on someone’s desk or on the counter when checking out at a retail store, so we usually end up setting the purse on the floor at our feet.

So, purse etiquette; what to do? You can always hang your purse on the back of your chair in a restaurant, but only if your back is to the wall; otherwise, it might get stolen. Or, you can use a near-by chair if one is available, but you still have to keep your eye on it. A better solution is to use a purse hook that slips on the edge of the table and has a hook on the other end for your purse to hang by its strap. You can find purse hooks online.

Besides, the floor is really filthy, especially in restaurants, restrooms, movie theaters, & other public places. When you put your purse on the floor & then on your desk, bed, kitchen counter or table, you are transferring all that filth-yucky and very hazardous to your health! You can clean leather purses with leather cleaner and fabric purses with fabric cleaner.

I couldn’t have said it better myself… THANKS for sharing Wendy!! 😉

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