Cleanest Burning Soy Candles!

Hey Girlfriends!!
One of my biggest pet peeves with most candles is the mess that they make as you burn them.  I always end up getting gross black marks all over my hands when I have to reach in to light the wick. WELL LADIES… NOT ANYMORE!!! 😉 Check it out! Just another reason to LUV these FABULOUS candles! ~ Seriously ~ look how CLEAN they burn ~ no yucky soot residue! These have got to be the cleanest burning scented soy candles ever!!Fabulous Scented Soy Candles Cleanest burning candles

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2 Responses to Cleanest Burning Soy Candles!

  1. Mary Bearden says:

    Hi, stopping by from the Sunday Blog Hop and followed thru GFC and FB. I tried to follow on RSS Feed but it wanted to take me to email? So, I don’t know if your RSS Feed is acting up or not. Should have took me to a Reader. Anyway, would love a follow back when you can. And I LOVE candles! Lavender is my all time favorite with Patchouli coming in next.


  2. Mary Bearden says:

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words. I love the way you have wrapped up the candles! I am a candle freak myself and have a small closet in my laundry room filled with them. That way when I want to burn one I don’t have to go to the store. I have my own little mini store right here at home! Let’s stay in touch at least once a week!


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