Fall Back with Fabulous Feng Shui!

Agate Clock - Daylight Savings Time - Feng ShuiDaylight Savings Time to me is always a wonderful reminder that everything really is in sync ~ however, with the help of Feng Shui we can take a step further & sync our worlds to ourselves!!! :D
After reading the post below I realized I DO have an unworking clock in the Family sector of my office ~ it was my Mothers & is so beautiful so I never imagined it could be a source of bad luck! I am taking it in this week to finally get it fixed & I’ll be sure to let ya know if I feel any changes once it returns!! 😉

As Daylight Saving Time comes to an end this weekend, here are Feng Shui tips to help you on your journey! Have you checked to see that all the clocks in your home and business are in working order lately? The end of Daylight Saving Time this weekend affords you the perfect opportunity to do that. In Feng Shui, clocks and watches represent the orderly passage of time, so a broken, slow or non-functioning clock in your surroundings can have a negative effect on your progress. The unwound grandfather clock in your Career sector or stopped watch in Relationships sends a message that time stands still for you in these areas of your life. The perpetual motion of working timepieces mirrors the natural flow of energy in life and keeps us moving in the right direction. ~ Thank you to Diane for these great tips ~ for more info you can visit her at: http://windandwaterfengshui.com/fengshuitips
Wishing you good ch’i!

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