Happy Birthday Virgos!

Happy Birthday MartiniAs some of you may know… I am a VIRGO!!!
Having just recently celebrated my bday I just had to show you this ~ my most fabulous birthday present ever ~ it’s a hand painted martini glass ~ isn’t it the cutest thing ever… 😉
It is so fab that I’ve even contacted the company about them so let’s hope for the best ladies!!! I just luv thoughtful gifts ~ thanks again Michelle!!! 😀

~ Virgo woman ~
Just because she is born under the sign of the Virgin does not mean that a Virgo woman is shy, helpless, “little woman”. On the contrary, a Virgo woman is someone who has a backbone made of steel with endurance levels that are unmatchable. She believes in the purity of true love, importance of family life and her own happiness – sometimes in that exact order. A Virgo woman is capable of severing her emotional ties with such coolness and completeness it will remind one of precision of a surgeon. Once she is convinced that her present relationship is dead, she will promptly leave the unpleasant situation behind without batting an eyelash or shedding a tear. The hurt will be dealt with later in a practical, no-nonsense manner.

The Virgin is no one’s doormat. She will not take anything lying down and more often than not will prove that severe practicality can be coupled with intense romanticism. She is fire and ice – both pure, soft femininity and shrewish, fussy virago. Most Virgo women oscillate between these two extremes. She is fussy over maintaining order and cleanliness and is prone to becoming a ‘dirt-busting machine’ constantly looking for and expunging dust and mess.

Personal hygiene and sophisticated manners rate quite high up in her list. She is bound to be grossed out by bad language, uncouth eating habits and disregard for personal grooming. If you are looking to impress a Virgo woman, first thing you need to do is spiff up your appearance. Her sharp critical eye will not miss any sloppiness, and you will lose major points in her book. The Virgo women is blind to all her faults and actually believes that no one can keep things orderly the way she can, and well, it is really true! She tends to annoy people with her fussiness about each and every small thing, but she is also the most generous and affectionate person in the whole wide world.

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