Inspiration Everywhere!

😀 With summer in full swing is can get hard to keep working as much as we do when it’s not so beautiful outside…  what do YOU do to keep at it?? ~ Sometimes we must focus inside so we may return to action outside ~
Welcome July!!  This is a good time for us to have a 6-month check-in to our year… YES ~ we’re already 1/2 way through 2011 ~ WoW!!!  In January we all set goals for the New Year, let’s look back & ‘check-in’… as in, did we accomplish our short-term goals & are we still diligently working on our long-term plans..?  We’re all here for a reason, right!?  …of course!! A girlfriend of mine just recently introduced me to “Spirit Junkie” …Gabby… have you seen her yet?  A true inspiration to us all, a great reminder to live our lives to be present! Being inspired is a wonderful thing!   Can’t wait to read her books & learn more… 😉

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