Limited Edition Holiday Purse Hooks!

Tree & Star Holiday Purse HooksLooking for fabulous stocking stuffers… these holiday purse hooks are PERFECT! 😉 Better yet, you can order these wonderful purse hooks individually OR as a set!!
$20 for 1 -OR- $30 for both!
What a fabulous deal! 🙂

~ CLICK HERE ~ Please note you must contact me directly to order these special items!

Purse hooks are fashion accessories that serve a double purpose. Not only do they look great when added onto a purse, but they also keep precious cargo off the ground. When a purse hanger is in tow, there’’s never a reason to set a bag on a dirty floor ever again! The only thing better than a standard hanger is one of my limited edition purse hooks. These designs are unique and they just won’’t last long.
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