New Year Motivation!

New-Year-MotivationNew year, new you… it’s the perennial January catchphrase that holds such conquer-the-world promise. And then, well, you get sidetracked with conquering your to-do list. But even the loftiest resolutions (running a marathon, writing a book, learning a new skill) don’t have to fall by the wayside come February. Staying motivated and achieving what you set out to do on that bright New Year’s Day is surprisingly possible. Just follow these nine mantras, provided by researchers who study motivation and backed up by women who have used them to realize their biggest ambitions.
1. When you make a plan, anticipate bumps.
2. Channel the little engine that could―really.
3. Don’t let your goals run wild… but work on them everyday.
4. Go public with it.
5. Lean on a support crew when struggling.
6. Make yourself a priority.
7. Challenge yourself―and change things up.
8. Keep on learning.
9. Remember the deeper meaning.

You’re more likely to realize a goal when it has true personal significance to you. And when the process isn’t a pleasant one, it helps to recall that personal meaning. Although the sacrifices made can be hard reaching your goal makes it all worthwhile! 🙂 To read the full article: Click Here

~ Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right ~

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  1. Glenda Cates says:

    Wonderful quote and one I needed to hear. Thanks for sharing it.

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