Start-Up Fun in the Sun!

Hey there Girlfriends!!
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far… although I worked most of this weekend I will admit that I took my laptop down to the beach this am & worked there for a few hours ~ so while organizing my website ~ I also got a nice touch up on my tan!! Hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!! 😉

This whole week actually was pretty busy for me, I did so much work trying to get my business ideas all in order & not forget anything!! That’s that power (problem) with the web – you can reach soooo many & still feel like nobody heard you… don’t worry though!! I am persistent & I know this online luxury boutique is a fabulous idea & that it will work if I keep with it!! So please keep in touch with me & if you ever have any advice ~ especially on blogging ~ PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I want this to be the best blog boutique it can be & I really want to use it as a tool to reach women from all over & actually make it a blog you want to return to again & again!! So YES, your comments are ALWAYS welcome – let me know your thoughts!!! 😀

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