Summer Solstice

This is the time of Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, when the Sun reaches it’s peak fulfillment and changes direction and begins waning in energy. In Nature everything is peaking, leaves are out on the trees, flowers in full bloom, and the crops are established. It is a time to enjoy what one has, as our cups are full. This is a time of transformation, the Sun is considered to be the energy that transforms the destructive forces with the light of truth. A good time to look at what brings you fulfillment in life and how it can transform you to be a better person.
In the Chinese Five Element tradition, Summer is the season of Fire, the season to express the Yang Energy ‘through growth, expansion, lightness, outward activity, brightness and creativity’. This is the time of year to wake up early with the sun, work, play and be joyful. ‘The warmth of this love from the Fire Element helps everything to flow on all levels. The fluids which bathe all living cells flow more easily when warm. The exchange of ideas and feelings between us is greater when we are warm and relaxed and our deeper relationships flow more easily when warmth and love are present. When the Fire Element is lit within us and feeding us, our spirit is able to communicate with the spirit in other people and in Nature.’ ~ J.R. Worsley
The heart in Five Element theory is linked with the Spirit, sometimes called the Spirit-Mind. I am sure we have all had a ‘heart-connection’ or truly felt that spiritual connection and opening of the heart.  We achieve this through practicing mindfulness, practicing meditation, and Yoga.

~ Enjoy your summer and all of the warmth that it brings ~

~ There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart ~

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