Zen Cat!

While traveling as much as I do I take pleasure in many wonderful things that catch my eye!! 😉  I’ve always wanted a lucky bamboo plant some in my office… I have many auspicious items in here & have always felt this beautiful plant would be a wonderful addition yet I have to admit… I’m unsure how long it would survive as there is not much direct sunlight ~ any advice??

Or… perhaps I should get a few of these fabulous wooden Zen Cats!!!!!
I can’t think of anything else cuter!! 😀

Lately I’ve been trying to shift my focus to all things zen + spirit + natural + purpose = so I’m totally looking to find more natural products to showcase!!! … Stay tuned …

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2 Responses to Zen Cat!

  1. B.Inspired says:

    Just discovered your blog on the lady blogger society and wanted to say Hi! Your bamboo plant will survive and stand the test of time! It just needs to sit in water and not in direct sunlight. Care to visit http://www.bravoerunway.com?

  2. Christina says:

    I love the zen cats.

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